About Me

Software Engineer

I am a web developer. These days we are referred to a software engineers. Something to do with code for the web being software or something.


PHP has changed a lot over the years. These days I tend to use Symfony2 as used to build this site but have used other frameworks like Cake and CodeIgniter. Experienc of working with PHP 5.6+ as well as the 'old' world.


It is usual to create normalised database with UTF-8 support and to write SQL and joins for getting the data out or in. Doctrine2 ORM is my current favourite used on this site with its lovely associations making joins that bit easier.


Plenty of experience with JQuery, which I really enjoyed for a while with all its DOM manipulation magic. These days of course everyone uses JavaScript frameworks. I am now using Backbone.js which is cool and kind've MVC.

Other stuff I like

Other technologies I have used and liked include:

  • Apache Solr
  • Phing
  • Zend Classes
  • Bootstrap 3 (as in this site)

Contact Me

I hate facebook...

Alex Briffett 2017